Introducing DAO Central

DAO Jones is now DAO Central. Read more about our rebrand journey and our new vision – to become the Product Hunt for DAOs.

by Steven Tey

Today, I have some very exciting news to share with all of you.

DAO Jones is rebranding to DAO Central. Along with our new name, we also have a new vision — to become the Product Hunt for DAOs.

How It All Started

DAO Jones started with a simple question that I asked my roommate two Fridays ago:

What if there was a way for us to search for a DAO by the emojis that we see in a Twitter bio?

I've always been very intrigued by the Web3 space, and this seemed like the perfect excuse to spend some time learning more about the building a side project.

I set a goal to build this over the weekend (48 hours) – partly to see how fast I can come up with an MVP, but also because I had to work on Monday.

Due to the time constraint, I decided not to waste too much time on naming. In the beginning, I was debating between Just DAO It and DAO It Yourself, but I eventually settled on this quirky, punny name that came to me when I was on a walk – DAO Jones.

Two very intense days of coding later, I launched DAO Jones on Twitter:

Introducing my latest web3 project: @DAOJones_🔍 Getting confused by all the emojis in your friends' Twitter names? 📜🚀🧱⛓✨ Now you can search DAOs by emoji/name/tagline and learn more about their mission + the people who are part of it 🤓
DAO Central – Find and learn about DAOs

DAO Central – Find and learn about DAOs

DAO Central is a database of popular DAOs across different categories (Protocol, Collector, Social, and more). Learn how to join a DAO, buy tokens, contribute, and more.


The reception was incredible – my tweets got over 200K impressions, which resulted in 4.2K unique visitors, 150+ signups, and a ton of new DAOs added to the site.

I couldn't have asked for a better launch.

Why Rebrand

As my tweets started to make the rounds on Twitter, it also caught the eye of a few folks who were quick to point out that the name DAO Jones was already being used by two other organizations in the DAO/Web3 space.

With that in mind, I spent some time during Thanksgiving thinking about branding and realized that while DAO Jones was a very clever name, there were a few clear disadvantages:

  1. It wasn't a unique name that I could build proper brand equity on top of since I'll have to compete with two other companies with the same name in this space.
  2. I didn't own the .COM or the Twitter handle.
  3. I might run into legal issues with the actual Dow Jones down the road.

I also got a clearer picture of the vision for the project – to be the Product Hunt for DAOs. On one hand, DAO organizers can use it as a platform to share their DAOs and get some initial traction on it, and on the other, end-users can go there to discover new DAOs to join.

DAO Jones wouldn't be a very fitting name for this new vision since it's more of an inside joke than an actual company name.

And this is when I came across the name DAO Central (h/t to Bani for the suggestion).

To my surprise, both and the Twitter handle @DAOCentral were available (the .COM cost me $700, though).

DAO Central

One fairly expensive domain purchase later, I was the proud owner of the domain


DAO Jones is now DAO Central.

Our name might've changed, but our mission stays the same – to educate as many people as possible about DAOs and to help DAOs find the best people to join their communities.

On that note, I just wrote a blog post that serves as an ELI5 intro for people who want to learn more about DAOs – feel free to give it a read!

You can also follow us on Twitter for all our latest updates.

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