DAO Central NFT

Introducing the DAO Central Founding Member NFT. Read more about why we're doing this, token details, and how to mint one for yourself.

by Steven Tey

Today, we are very excited to introduce the DAO Central Founding Member NFT.

Exactly one month ago, we launched DAO Central to the world, and have since received an overwhelming amount of support from the web3 community on Twitter.

We crossed 1K Twitter followers, added 50 new DAOs, and recently hit 1K registered users on DAO Central.

Why We're Doing This

As a DAO aggregator site, we've been working with a lot of DAOs to get their information listed on DAO Central.

In the process, we did a couple of deep dives into the DAO ecosystem to get a better understanding of how DAOs function and how we can better serve them with our platform.

More specifically, we've been fascinated by the idea of token-gated content, and have been looking into potentially implementing them on DAO Central itself.

I've been tinkering with token-gated content & will be dropping a surprise Christmas present on @DAOCentral this week 🎄 Drop your ENS to get the airdrop 👇 RT for early access 😉

We also wanted to give back to our earliest supporters – the ones who were kind enough to give us feedback in the early days, as well as the ones who have offered to help with DAO Central without asking anything in return.

Token Specifics

We will be minting the DAO Central Founding Member NFT as an ERC-1155 token on the Ethereum blockchain (mainnet).

The total token supply will be capped at 1,124 (to commemorate the date DAO Central was created, Nov 24, 2021), and we will be reserving ~100 tokens for some of the early adopters and power users of our platform.

The mint price of the token will be set at 0.02 ETH (excluding gas fees). The goal is to break even on the costs that went into the creation of this NFT. The remaining funds will be put into a public treasury that will be used to pay future DAO Central contributors.

The official minting phase will start on Dec 30 at 9AM PST, and whitelisted addresses get to start minting the NFT 3 hours before that.

Update: Our NFT genesis sale sold out in 90 minutes!. Here's a detailed breakdown of how everything happened.

What The NFT Gets You

Holders of the DAO Central Founding Member NFT will be able to:

  • Access token-gated content
  • Join private Discord channels
  • Get early access to new features (set custom username, edit profile, leave reviews for DAOs, etc.)

Token members will also get a sleek black badge with our foundation logo on it, which will be displayed on their profile page:

Building Icon


We've also updated our user profile pages to show their user number when they joined DAO Central.


The DAO Central Founding Member NFT is now live. We're excited to roll this out and start experimenting with token-gated featues & content on DAO Central.

We also have a Discord – join us there to discuss more about our vision, roadmap, and product ideas.

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