An open community collectively financing and enabling fair access to synthetic biology technologies

Our Mission

ValleyDAO is a research and funding collective.

ValleyDAO is a global non-profit organization composed of academics, bioentrepreneurs, business developers, open source bioengineers, and bio-enthusiasts working together with researchers to evaluate, fund, and commercialize their biomanufacturing research. The community strives toward democratizing biomanufacturing technologies by making research findings widely available to everyone for both commercial and non-commercial use

ValleyDAO is a community-owned organization. Our stakeholders are the biomanufacturing community which includes me and you and this means that everyone has the chance to participate and shape the organization/vision. We have members from all over the world of all skill levels: students, researchers, biofounders, writers, Web3 developers and many more

The overarching vision of ValleyDAO is to support the global transition to a sustainable bioeconomy by funding research and startups and ultimately democratize synthetic biology intellectual property (IP) rights.





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Our Values

We are robust

  • Crypto ties enable a diversified investor pool; not skewed towards government grants like universities, public markets, and ‘near-term’ VCs

  • We have a system in place to ensure that one centralized party does not gain outsized influence or control, i.e. we are community-owned

We are flexible and faster

  • 10X faster review and funding cycles with more flexibility (model proven by VitaDAO)

  • IP-NFTs allow a more flexible, efficient, and faster form of IP transfer. IP-NFTs are redefining what is possible for IP licensing (for example FRENS)

We are purely democratic and mission-driven

  • VCs, public companies, and government agencies have to serve their stakeholders first. They build communities to monetize, gain a business advantage, or influence. We are building to promote biomanufacturing adoption across our planet.

  • We are an open organization with no fees or gatekeeping. Join our discord and hit the ground running. Earn or buy tokens (when we have one) and become an owner.

We are motivated by ownership and passion

  • We are building a sustainable organization that will not depend on handouts or the services of paid mercenaries. Only a DAO can align and manage a large number of owners and contributors working together in a distributed meritocracy