The Decentralized Governance Platform Of TomoChain

Our Mission

TomoMasterDAO is the governing body of TomoChain, where users and long-term holders can have a vote on the future development and growth of the TomoChain Ecosystem.

TomoMasterDAO offers a wide variety of grants in different fields of interest. You can apply for funding for marketing activities, educational tools, building software, launching new tokens, etc. A few examples of topics are:

  • decentralized finance, gaming and NFTs, metaverse, privacy technology, token bridges, research and development, educational activities and tools, marketing campaigns, ecommerce, travel and transportation, medical technology, and supply chain management.

In order to qualify for funding, the project must be relevant to the TomoChain ecosystem. This can be through directly building on the network, creating tools that can be used with the network, or promoting/educating with a focus on TomoChain.

Our Values

The establishment of TomoMasterDAO would allow us to

  • deeply listen to our users.
  • make adjustments that will have positive impacts on the community and the ecosystem as a whole.