The Fabricant
The Fabricant

The Fabricant

Digital fashion you can create, trade and wear


Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but imagination.

Through our digital clothing, The Fabricant is returning to the heart of what fashion was always meant to be – a playful arena to explore and express our identities and individuality.

The fashion future we are building is collaborative, creative, inclusive and sustainable. In digital-only fashion people are not passive consumers, but creative agents crafting their self-expression and curating their virtual identity through digital clothing, without the negative footprint.

Vision A future where everyone can let their self expression and identity exploration run wild through digital fashion, significantly replacing the world's need for physical garments.


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Our Values

  • Empathetic We work with people that take ownership over their work, ensure sustainable goals and empathetic and honest treatment of coworkers, community and partners. We exploit nothing but imagination.

  • Collaborative- We work with people who embrace the wisdom of the crowd and stand for inclusive and decentralized empowerment of diverse talent. Together we’re co-creating the wardrobe of the metaverse.

  • Fun- We work with people who believe that innovative opportunities for digital identity and creative self-expression are endless. Work should always spark joy and break free from physical logic.