Layer Zero’s First Native Money Market


Our Mission

TapiocaDAO is the first native LayerZero money market protocol where users can lend and borrow against any digital asset including NFTs. Web3 UI/UX, Omnichain Loans, NFTs as collateral, and more!

We are revolutionizing how people access and engage with decentralized financial tools by crafting a Web3 UX with a human centered approach combined with a cutting edge DAO governed Layer Zero omnichain money market purpose built for all users of any wealth or knowledge status.

LayerZero opens the doors to completely trustless, true multichain DeFi, which Tapioca is maximally exploiting.

  • LayerZero is not a network, does not need a special wallet, and is more akin to a bridge, one that sends messages between different blockchains

  • OFT20 tokens are like a token wrapper, that allows you to natively trade $TAP like a native token on any DEX that is on any of the seven currently supported LayerZero blockchains

  • Stargate is like an automated market maker with a universal liquidity pool to settle trades for native assets between blockchains

  • Tapioca’s omnichain loans are like bridging-as-a-service. Take a loan out from any blockchain, and have the funds delivered to any blockchain

  • Github

https://a.y.at/redirect?emoji\_id=%F0%9F%8D%B5%F0%9F%95%B3%F0%9F%8D%B5\&link=a HR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL1RhcGlvY2EtREFP

  • Telegram

https://a.y.at/redirect?emoji\_id=%F0%9F%8D%B5%F0%9F%95%B3%F0%9F%8D%B5\&link=a HR0cHM6Ly90Lm1lL3RhcGlvY2FkYW9fb2ZmaWNpYWw=

Our Values

  • Fast, Inexpensive, and Secure- Tapioca is built on an optimistic scaling solution for Ethereum. Retain the security and remove the bloated gas costs!

  • Simplicity- Lending & Borrowing is often seen as complex or confusing. On Tapioca, we seek to simplify the user experience with a Web3 UI, while retaining next-gen features.

  • TapiocaDAO Governance- Tapioca's revolutionary platform will be governed by YOU. Those who stake Tapioca's TAP token for veTAP will receive voting rights over many aspects of the platform, and a share of protocol revenue.