A DeSci DAO building the journal of decentralized work


Our Mission

TalentDAO is a community of organizational scientists, strategists, and researchers building the world's first decentralized community-reviewed publication protocol for the social sciences and applying what we learn to help the DAO ecosystem thrive.

Mission- To unlock human potential in the decentralized, digital economy. We conduct scientific research that helps DAOs thrive while educating the public on the greater decency and agency offered by this decentralized future of work.



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Our Values

  • We believe in self-sovereign work - Individuals should have the freedom to work where, how, and when they want without relying on institutions or third parties for their livelihood. Nobody can tell us what to do.

  • Traditional work has failed us - Existing institutional structures and hierarchical approaches to business management have led to human coordination failures. These coordination failures won't get fixed within our current work paradigms where economic incentives encourage behavior that is counterproductive to humanity.

  • DAOs offer a superior model for human coordination - DAOs are distributed, borderless, and permissionless open systems enabled by the blockchain and incentivized with community ownership. They allow us to coordinate, communicate and cooperate in ways that are difficult in traditional work settings.

  • Knowledge should be open-source - Traditional researchers are forced to operate in a closed-source universe because they are incentivized to publish or perish. This is unacceptable. We believe that creating mechanisms to incentivize open-source publications and community ownership provides a better way.