A movie studio owned by filmmakers and fans

Our Mission

We love movies.

StudioDAO is made up of people who love movies. Who can't help but cry at the ending. Who always orders the Cherry Coke.

We believe that narrative can transform us, tugged heartstrings connect us, laughter unites us. Movies and the fans that love them – are better served by an artist-first ecosystem.

StudioDAO is that new ecosystem.

StudioDAO is an entertainment experience. Not an investment.

Our DAO above all else:

  • Respects and supports storytellers – our cultural vanguards and luminaries. The filmmakers.

  • Respects and supports "the audience" – by fully embracing the humanizing power of shared storytelling.

  • It is inspired by the opportunity for decentralized technology to enable powerful, global, collective action.

We are defined by our community. Creating StudioDAO is a hands-on effort, and the brains connected to those hands are of primary importance to the future of the DAO. That's why we are focused on developing a community that can accelerate the arts and sciences required for our films and DAO to thrive.

Vision- To be the first million-person green-light committee.


Media- The Juicecast

Our Values

  • Respect

  • Freedom

  • Story

  • Innovation

  • Community

  • Integrity

  • Impact