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Our Mission

SporkDAO is the evolution of ETHDenver from a wholly owned, centrally controlled entity to a Member-owned digital cooperative.

$SPORK is the incentive alignment mechanism that will be used to govern SporkDAO along with being the unit of account for calculating distribution of profits to SporkDAO members should that time come.

SporkDAO also holds three wholly owned subsidiaries (aka “Prongs”) which hold specific roles in the SporkDAO ecosystem.

ETHDenver, LLC: The yearly #BUIDLathon hosted over the week prior to Presidents’ Day Weekend in Denver, Colorado USA. ColoradoJam, LLC: A technology sandbox & incubator created in collaboration with Governor Jared Polis’ office to explore and pilot blockchain & Web3 technology inside the state infrastructure. Bufficorn Ventures, LLC: A community grants & investments vehicle providing post-hackathon through seed stage capital.

Our Values

The totality of the ecosystem is designed to create more sustainable value accrual for the SporkDAO community as well as less dependency on sponsorships for the ETHDenver event.