A tool for communities to measure and reward value creation

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Our Mission

SourceCred (in the most basic sense) is a technology that makes the labor of individuals more visible and rewardable as they work together in a project or community.

The goal of SourceCred is to use this technology to make rewarding labor as nuanced as human contribution often is.

We hope to be one piece in the puzzle of a healthier future where systems serve community members, where financial maximization isn’t the end-all be-all goal, and where wealth actually flows to those who are creating the value in our world.




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Our Values

  • Care- We take care of ourselves and each other. We value compassion, self-awareness, empathy, and healing. We strive to honor the inherent basic dignity of all people through our communications and actions. We recognize that without personal commitments to our shadow work, we cannot sustainably take care of ourselves and each other.

  • Sovereignty- We own our labor and value our free will. We strive to heal from coercion-based relationships to work, we support ourselves and each other in our journeys toward self-sovereignty, and prioritize our collective autonomy. We practice consent culture.

  • Trust- We move at the speed of trust. We value collaboration, accountability, meaningful transparency, and integrity. We measure our collective stability by the strength of our relationships.

  • ** Liberation**- Liberation is at the center. We respond to power dynamics in real time, we break down accessibility barriers in real time, we strive to learn and unlearn. We embrace the paradox of intolerance.

  • Emergence- We value the dynamic over the status quo. We see the challenges we face culturally and technically as the sign posts for the directions we should move in. We value curiosity and experimentation.

  • Decentralization- We share power. We share information, work, and decision-making between our many selves. No one person is in charge of everything, either in responsibility or authority. We value leader-full action, not leaderless action. We create contributions that are transparently recorded, well-defined/contained, and easy to build on.