Own the narrative - media for the people, by the people


Our Mission

Rug Radio is the first fully decentralized media platform.

RugDAO represents the heart of the RugRadio decentralized structure.

The DAO will store value created in the network and will house the governance of the whole platform.

The $RUG and $RDAO tokens are slowly released over time. This means the DAO will grow slowly with them to ensure decentralization. A governance council will be created through a public election process. This council will represent the community for the first 6 months of the DAO.

The DAO is how the community holds long term ownership in the ecosystem. As the DAO grows bigger and more people join it, it will get more and more decentralized through time.




Our Values

  • Our members and our hosts own the platform you consume from.

  • We own the narrative and the memes.

  • Together, we can build a network where the incentives favor truth, ownership and long-term care for the commons.

  • We each get to decide what we consume, how it's delivered, and we all benefit from the abundance created through it.