Our Mission

RnDAO is an innovation center, with a mission to empower humane collaboration.

We're funded by DAOs to serve DAOs and enable a humane vision of Web3. We advance this pursuit by delivering research and incubating tools that facilitate DAO operations and governance.

RnDAO is designed to catalyse collaboration across DAO tooling projects, as a cross-DAO innovation centre focused on solutions for DAO operations and governance.



Incubation Value Proposition


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Our Values

  • Bring together a community of DAO tooling projects and mature DAOs as Funding Partners;

  • Identify shared challenges and ship research that advances our Funding Partners' ability to operate as DAOs and sharpens their product strategy (e.g. insights on decision-making in DAOs, community alignment, permission-management, etc);

  • Incubate product extensions, integrations, and tools that fill the gaps. Tools that fall outside the scope of our funding partners and/or lack a viable revenue model for a single DAO to incubate, but yet are needed by our partners, add network effects to their product, and support the development of the ecosystem at large.

Latest Tweets

This Friday, @lanajelenjev! Lana is the author of the book: Community Builder Designing Communities for Change, the chairperson of the Neurodiversity Foundation, and co-founder of Community Rituals and Neurodiversity Education Academy. buff.ly/3G4vWPj
Community Series #1: Rethinking Engagement as a Slider by Lana Jelenjev · Zoom · Luma

Community Series #1: Rethinking Engagement as a Slider by Lana Jelenjev · Zoom · Luma

Lana is a Filipina, now based in the Netherlands, who designs spaces for “KAPWA” (shared inner selves) to flourish. She guides founders, community leaders and changemakers in...

RT @MetaFam: 🚨 COMMUNITY GATHERING ALERT 🚨 Another community gathering is happening tomorrow in our Townhall (discord.gg/sVtWCqeJ). ✨…