A DAO to help women from developing economies succeed in the tech/NFT space


Our Mission

RiseDAO is a not-for-profit DAO focused on giving women residing in developing economies better opportunities to establish themselves in the tech/NFT space, where opportunities might be scarce, and costs of acquiring cryptocurrencies such as ethereum prohibitive.


Our Values

  • Providing grants -RiseDAO wants to help women artists by providing grants that cover gas and minting fees to sell art on NFT marketplaces.

  • Support more diversity and inclusion -We want to support more diversity and inclusion by training women in coding/programming skills, in order for them to become junior programmers and/or creative coders.

  • Believe in mentorship -We believe appropriate mentorship makes a stark difference during a training program, so RiseDAO will provide a dedicated Discord channel where women tutors will be available for interactive chats and schedule private meetings to support grantees during their training.

  • Provide financial aid -Financial aid for hardware and software acquisition might be provided.