Ribon DAO
Ribon DAO
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Ribon DAO

We use the donations to create new donors, via code

Our Mission

Ribon is a decentralized donation platform that allows donors to become promoters and, by doing so, encourages others to join them in a global culture of giving.

This way it’s possible to increase donations to charities, promote a culture of giving in the world and make people happier.

The decentralized platform is governed by the community and the Ribon protocol, is built on Matic/Polygon, a layer 2 in Ethereum.


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Our Values

We believe that the donation platform of the future will be decentralized, and we’re becoming that platform.

We believe this will be a game-changer in the philanthropic ecosystem.

Everything we do, we do to stimulate the greater good and improve the world.

We believe that humanity can end extreme poverty before 2030.