The first community-owned and powered futures engine: discovering, incubating, and delivering better futures


Our Mission

RADAR is part media platform, part research community, and part trend accelerator.

We are on a journey to get there, building as we go, and aligned on a shared vision to decentralize the futures industry.

It’s our mission to become the first decentralized futures community-powered by web3 to discover and create the future as we collectively imagine it. We believe in, and want to be early movers of, the technology that will transform the futures industry — and the processes and expectations that define its own future.

Community owned and powered- We’re decentralized and powered by the $SIGNAL token & other web3 mechanics, allowing every member a stake in the future of RADAR. We’re starting from day 1 with this ethos at our heart, and utilize web3 tooling and technologies to keep ourselves transparent and accountable.

Futures Engine- What we’re building is complex, full of working cogs and intricate parts. It’s cyclical, automated, modular, and runs in harmony at every stage. It converts power and energy into forwarding motion that pushes our community and culture forward.

Discovering- This is the nature of our community and our process: always discovering through sharing signals and exploring the world around us. The discovery stage is where everything starts: by identifying and measuring strong signals within RADAR HQ and running our collective research process, we tease out insight, practice foresight, and develop collective futures hypotheses.

Incubating- After our discovery stage, we don’t let our futures sit stagnant in reports that collect dust on shelves; instead, we ideate, incubate, nurture, and prototype ideas through speculative design, creative thinking, hackathons and round-tables to create solutions to the possible futures we’ve identified — whether through products, concepts, services, communities, or whatever else best answers our hypotheses.

Delivering- The final stage of our call to adventure is deliver. It means launching our ideas and solutions into the world; standing by our futures and seeing them through to the end; testing their truth in reality. This stage is about the tangible impact we can have on the world.

Better Futures- The idea of better futures sits at the core of our aspiration to build the future of futures — and is infused throughout our entire process. By ‘better,’ we mean the futures we want to see in the world: futures that put inclusivity and abundance at the center. It’s part of our mission to challenge what ‘better’ means, both in the foresight industry, and in culture and society writ large.







Our Values

  • Future-Forward- We explore, challenge, and architect the futures we want ourselves and our culture to move toward.

  • Curiosity-Fueled- We’re generous, dynamic and exploratory in our processes, and are always discovering.

  • Community-Led& Community-Owned- We put the future in the hands of our community full of brilliant and passionate individuals, using the $SIGNAL token for collective decision making. Our process is built on abundance, not extraction. We believe that trend shapers and makers should own and benefit from the futures they build.

  • Impact-Driven- We believe in calls to adventure that have real-world impact, not that end in definitive answers sat on a shelf.

  • Access-Focused- We’re relentlessly inclusive and optimistic. We believe in building a future that’s accessible and tangible for everyone.

  • Cognitively-Diverse- We prioritize creating a multifaceted space for diverse world-views, opinions, and interests, and we encourage genuine and healthy disagreements to create a strong, resilient, and anti-fragile community.