A place where people and ideas grow


Our Mission

We’re Protein, a community of creators, thinkers and doers who believe there’s a better way to grow.

We’re building an ecosystem that develops and delivers breakthrough projects.

We want to create a thesis for supporting projects that focus on intentional impact rather than superficial accreditations.

Our Values

We developed and refined our Good Growth values them into 3 core areas; and created a comparative scale to help any member or project looking to apply them push in the right direction:

  • INCLUSIVE- Striving to find, integrate and facilitate participation of people regardless of background, recognising and addressing specific barriers in this process. Acknowledging the interconnections that make everybody a stakeholder and the nestedness that success builds on involves considering and engaging people up and down the value chain and across the network.

  • COLLABORATIVE- Build structures that facilitate collaboration, transparent processes and resource allocation while serving the development of stakeholder and organisational capacities, capabilities and agency.

  • REGENERATIVE- Be part of the development of the capacity for living systems, human and natural, to draw on their particular essence to restore and evolve to improve the health and adaptability of living systems.