Redefining coordination in DeFi

Our Mission

DAOs are growing in power but remain isolated digital organisations.

PrimeDAO is a collective of DeFi builders and DAOists focused on researching and building next-generation coordination tools to connect them - built the DAO native way.

PrimeDAO's mission is to: Facilitate wide adoption of open finance by coordinating and cultivating projects that promote safety, reliability, liquidity, and open access, while avoiding centralized appropriation of critical financial infrastructure through decentralized governance.

The Prime app provides a range of services to digital organizations throughout the entire cycle from initiation (Launch) to growth (Pools) and maturity (Deals).

Prime DAO offers a full set of relational tools for digital organisations.

Prime Launch- One-stop shop for DAO launch needs. Fundraising made smart.

Prime Rating- Decentralised risk assessment reports done by real power users.

Prime Pools- Liquidity, Investments and network co-ownership made easy.

Prime Deals- Equitable, accountable and trustless DAO 2 DAO swaps and ventures.

Our Values

We promote

  • safety

  • reliability

  • liquidity

  • open access