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Party DAO

Party DAO

The DAO building PartyBid


Our Mission

PartyDAO has two primary mandates:

  • Ship PartyBid, a product for collective bidding on NFTs.

  • Build PartyDAO itself into a long-lasting organization that can fund its own continued existence.

About PartyBid- PartyBid lets people pool their capital together to purchase NFTs as a team. Anyone can create or join a Party to collectively bid in an NFT auction or purchase an NFT that’s on sale at a fixed price.


PartyBid App

Our Values

The future is multiplayer – We believe more and more crypto applications are waiting to become multiplayer versions of themselves.

With this vision intact, we are planning the long-term future of PartyDAO. Equally as important as the software we build is our organization, and in the coming weeks, we hope to set PartyDAO up for its next major phase of growth and building.