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Open Science DAO

Open Science DAO

The autonomous research community


Our Mission

We’re a community of open science activists, researchers, organizers, and enthusiasts that have come together to work on the problems of data sharing, reproducibility, incentive alignment, coordination, and intellectual ownership that plague knowledge creation today.

Together, we’re building a scientific ecosystem that unlocks data silos, coordinates collaboration, and democratizes funding.

Our long-term vision is to create a global network of automated knowledge foundries, where scientists and AI co-create new knowledge.


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Our Values

Science is broken

  • Less than 10% of data collected by publicly funded research in the US is published alongside their papers.

  • An average 70% of researchers have failed to replicate their colleagues’ work across disciplines, including Physics, Biology, and Psychology.

  • A hyper-competitive culture in academia precludes collaboration while existential challenges require immediate scientific solutions.

Digital services enhance disparity

  • Modern scientific insights are typically generated by an exclusive community of researchers working at institutions with proprietary instruments, siloed data, and specialized infrastructure.

  • This status quo has remained undisturbed for decades, further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic which has enhanced the disparity of access to instruments of information-gathering, coordination, commerce, and knowledge-sharing.

Decentralized data fabric

  • The Opsci ecosystem is powered by the Decentralised Science (DeSci) Stack, a Web3 software development kit linking decentralized finance with data markets, privacy-preserving cloud services, and the power of smart contracts to coordinate global citizen science communities together around a collectively determined incentive structure.