Open Platform for Ocean Biodiversity Regeneration- Unlocking ocean biodiversity + blue carbon with DeSci & Web3


Our Mission

New Atlantis is an open ocean regeneration project that seeks to address biodiversity loss in our oceans by providing a viable business model to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

We do this by building an open marine biodiversity analytics platform to monitor and forecast the health of Marine Protected Areas and from which marine biocredits and blue carbon credits can be generated.

These credits form the basis of a marine biodiversity market where MPAs can sell credits generated based on the biodiversity, biomass abundance, and life-driven blue carbon in their waters. This market provides MPAs with sustainable revenue streams that grow as conservation efforts and positive ecological outcomes increase.

By providing MPAs with a viable business model that aligns with their core mission of ocean protection, New Atlantis can help scale marine biodiversity protection efforts worldwide while also enabling massive new markets for ocean ecological assets.

We are using DeSci-driven metagenomics and related ecological modeling techniques combined with leading edge regenerative finance and web3 collaboration tools to build out the foundation of our open marine biodiversity analytics platform.

We reward meaningful contributions from ocean science, ReFi, DeSci (ReSci!!), conservation, and indigenous communities, as well as from ocean-concerned citizens.

New Atlantis believes there is an opportunity to harness the collective intelligence of the global ocean community to align profit incentives with the protection + regeneration of the global marine biosphere.

Our goal is to make investing in the protection and expansion of sustainable marine ecosystems an extremely profitable global growth opportunity that can generate financial wealth for humans by improving the ecological health of the oceans.

Mission- Protect marine biodiversity using metagenomics analytics to monitor and forecast ecosystem health.

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Our Values

  • Harness the collective intelligence of the global ocean community.

  • Align profit incentives with the protection + regeneration of the global marine biosphere.