A global decentralized ecosystem for neurotech research & IP

Our Mission

NeuraDAO is a community-governed, decentralized platform for neurotech research and intellectual property (IP). We are here to open-source and accelerate neurotechnology research.

Mission- Our objective is to facilitate a democratized, circular funding ecosystem to accelerate research and development in the intersection of neuroscience and technology.

NeuraDAO's goal is to support and finance new neurotech research and development. Whether that is discovering new biomarkers for certain neurological disorders, improving current neuro-imaging modalities, or developing prosthetics with enhanced proprioception, we want to accelerate such research.

In exchange for our support, NeuraDAO will hold IP and data rights in the early-stage research that we support/fund. This will allow us to build a portfolio of IP and data assets which can then be monetized to support further NeuraDAO operations. We will monetize through data marketplaces, or through conventional licensing and commercialization practices.

With this new infrastructure, we can create a world where a new prosthetic can be governed, funded, and owned by neuroplegics; the core stakeholders of the problem.



How to Contribute



Our Values

  • Collaborate globally in an effortless manner where decisions are made from the bottom-up.

  • Rapidly decrease funding decision lifecycles*.

  • With the power of NFTs, ownership of IP can be transparent, fractionalized, and democratized.

  • With the power of AMMs, we use our governance token to reward and incentivize contributors to work for NeuraDAO.

  • With the power of smart contracts, we can compensate contributors and fund researchers in a trustless manner.