Movement DAO
Movement DAO
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Movement DAO

DAO creator platform leveraging DeFi yield strategies to fund creators and operations


Our Mission

Society already has the collective compassion, knowledge and resources to solve the world’s problems. The missing piece is a technology to bring it all together.

Movement DAO uses proven applications of blockchain to align economic incentives within communities and empower them to solve problems as a collective.

Movement DAO's mission is to change the world for the better and become the launchpad for the world's most impactful movements!

Movement DAO enables communities to run programmable and community funded treasuries by providing tooling and a seeded endowment.



Our Values

  • We are stewards - We respect with humility the opportunity to help build on the open internet together, and are dedicated to using our capabilities for good.

  • We are self-starters - The decision to make the world a better place doesn't start with expecting someone else to solve a problem. We have to prioritize this for ourselves and enable those around us.

  • We are focused - We have been entrusted with a large sum of capital by our community. We must be focused on how to efficiently and effectively use these resources to drive towards our goals. This means balancing short-term benefits to our community with longer-term impact to the global community.

  • We are builders - The company we keep are individuals who prioritize building, and do so with pride. We build with humility and to make the world a better place.

  • We are honest - With each other and most of all, to ourselves. We share ideas, feelings, concerns and exchange everything in between openly and respectfully to each other.