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Our Mission

Molecule is a marketplace for funding, collaborating and transacting early-stage biopharma research projects.

Researchers get to present their research projects, find investors and collaborators and advance their research projects.

Investors and funds get exposure to new biopharma research projects looking for funding for their research goals.

Molecule platform infrastructure is built on Ethereum enabling researchers and investors full access to the DeFi ecosystem. It's novel approach with the intellectual property NFT (IPNFT) enables anybody to share ownership on research projects as well as future outcomes such as IP, royalty rights, data and much more.

Early-stage bio-pharma research suffers from complex legal agreements, missing transparency, and reduced investments. This leads to potentially promising research projects all too often being abandoned before they get off the ground. Academia has termed the problem of missing funds between fundamental research and clinical trial "the valley of death".

Molecule aims to solve the "valley of death" by standardizing legal agreements and creating public and liquid markets for funding early-stage research projects. With the advent of decentralised ledger technology (e.g. Ethereum), the creation and management of financial assets have become easier than ever.

Via Molecule, researchers can offer different legal agreements for assets originating from their research (IP, royalty rights, etc.) and collect the funding they need. Investors can easily fund research and provide the funds in an instant given the integration of cryptocurrencies.



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Our Values

  • For Researchers- to help biopharma researchers find resources and partners to conduct their research project

  • For investors- to help investors make the most of any resources investors are willing to invest into research projects.