We are a network of developers building socially impactful projects & spread STEM education to marginalized communities

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Our Mission

We are an international network of developers unifying together to build socially impactful projects & spread STEM education to marginalized communities.

Become a Web3 professional- Learn the hottest skills in Blockchain and Web3. Earn NFT credentials that recruiters from the top technology companies will see through our decentralized talent sourcing system. learn

Learn without limits- Minority Programmers Association (MPA) is one of the fastest-growing Web3 learning platforms. We’re proud that the helpfulness of the platform and a wealth of online resources are frequently cited as reasons our students love learning with us. Get started with our hackathons, courses, or meetups today!

Mentorship Program- We take learning and rewards for learning or teaching to the next level. Whether you are a student looking for one-on-one mentorship, or you are a mentor seeking an opportunity to help a student learn a course. There is a reward for everyone. Sign up for our mentorship Program.

Partner with MPA- If your goal is to support minority startups, or hire talent to build your product, partner with us!

Donations- We rely on donations from everyday people just like you to fund our strategic activism. Please make a recurring donation to our organization so we can continue to fight to bring marginalized communities into the STEM workforce.





Minority Think Tank (MTT) Foundation

Minority Venture Capital




Our Values

  • Humanitarian Focused- We build products that at its core help people improve humanity

  • Mentorship- Our mentorship program provides learning opportunities, expands your professional network and to gain new perspectives to build a successful career.

  • Diversity In Stem- Our priority for diversity and collaboration, has urged us to create an environment that fosters inclusivity and diversity of both cultures and perspective

  • Software Engineer - We focus on shipping out industry grade software products

  • Entrepreneurship- We ignite entrepreneurship within minority communities as an avenue for innovation and upward mobility

  • Interdisciplinary Learning- We motivate ourselves to learn by making connections between ideas and concepts across different professional and academic disciplines.

  • Innovation- We nurture new ideas and encourage our employees to think out of the box. There is no one solution to all problems

  • Project-Based Learning- We believe in project based learning as the most effective means of delivering professional team driven experiences to students around the world

  • Professional Development- We provide resources for continual learning and skills enhancement to adapt to the changes in progressive technological advancements.

  • Activating Passions- Passion activates purpose. We strongly believe in creating a community that fuels your passion and ideas.

  • Sense Of Community- We strive to build a supportive community for developers to engage, share knowledge, motivate and grow into valuable assets.

  • Training/Onboarding- Our training and onboarding has been meticulously designed to focus on new employees social and performance.