MetaCartel is an ecosystem of creators and operators building decentralized applications (DApps)


Our Mission

We are a community dedicated to the vision of an open internet of value. A fairer and richer world for all.

This vision however will not be realised without coordination and collaboration amongst ourselves. The odds are against us, we are nothing without each other.

We aim to become an epicentre of the Web 3 movement, a hunting ground for the earliest of early ventures around decentralized applications and crypto experiments.

We fund and support individuals and teams that aim to part-take in the collective effort towards this vision. We are a coordinating body, we are the connectors and fabric of the community. MetaCartel’s mission is to accelerate and drive the mass adoption of Web 3 and the open internet of value to make the world a richer fairer place.

We aim to embody the free and open spirit of the internet as we know it. We are the weird, the outspoken, the colourful, the memeful, the inappropriate, the strange — we thrive in this chaos. Not only do we build towards our vision of Web 3, we use it ourselves, we breathe it, we embrace it and put our faith in it. We are internet first, crypto-native and purebred YOLO, we are the citizens of MetaCartel.





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Our Values

We are people first. It’s all about people. Bet on people, have faith, back others, believe in people. Everything we do is for the community and those around us.

  • We value being action oriented. Move fast and be willing.

  • We thrive in chaos. We are comfortable with being uncomfortable. We grow under pressure.

  • We back ourselves. We believe in the work we are doing.

  • We have fun. YOLO. We have a dancing chilli as a logo.

We are committed and here to stay, and this is how we intend to win — with people.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”