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Our Mission

Lobby3 is a Web3 community designed to give the people a stronger voice in Washington, DC — so we can build a more prosperous economic future together.

The emergence of Web3 offers a historic opportunity: to decentralize economic opportunity, eliminate barriers to financial inclusion, combat poverty, and advance the human condition.

Unfortunately, ill-informed and poorly-designed policy can prevent Web3 from reaching its full potential.

That’s why we’re building Lobby3 — a project to fund effective policy advocacy and educate lawmakers about the positive potential of Web3.

How it works



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Our Values

  • Building Advocacy Infrastructure- Lobby3 will fund issue-based advocacy organizations in DC to build the core advocacy infrastructure. These organizations will bring together lobbyists and stakeholders with relationships with the key committees and players on Capitol Hill.

  • Educating Policymakers- Lobby3’s partners will work to educate key lawmakers in Congress and across the country on the positive potential impacts of Web3. This work will pave the way for smart, well-informed policymaking in years ahead.

  • Pilot Programs- In key states and districts across the country, our advocacy team will forge partnerships with Governors, Mayors and other local elected officials to run Web3 pilot programs — geared toward demonstrating the capacity of blockchain technology to reduce poverty, lift barriers to financial inclusion, and create greater economic opportunity for marginalized communities.

  • Lobby3 DAO- Once the initial lobby infrastructure is built, a portion of proceeds will be used to fund the Lobby3 DAO. This DAO will vote on policy ideas, community priorities, and where DAO treasury funds should be used to further our mission. For more info on Lobby3 DAO, see our FAQ section on the website.

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