Economic infrastructure for DAOs


Our Mission

Llama enables decentralized communities to allocate their treasuries and assess results.

DAOs enable communities to encode decision-making and transparently govern over a shared pool of resources, i.e. a community treasury.

Over the past year, Llama has worked with some of the most prominent DAOs including Aave, Uniswap, Gitcoin, PoolTogether, Fei Protocol, Index Coop, FWB, among others.

We’ve helped them develop treasury strategies, design liquidity programs, construct on-chain indices, and build dashboards and financial reports.

Our focus has been on customized treasury solutions.

This has allowed us to identify generalizable problems across communities and develop frameworks for important treasury actions such as stablecoin diversification, liquidity incentives, token swaps, and more.

We are now building workflows that enable communities to allocate their treasuries effectively and assess results. We are building economic infrastructure for DAOs.

Our Values

  • Pack animals: Llamas trust each other and generously give credit where it’s due.

  • Experimentation: Llamas move fast and experiment.

  • Optimism: Llamas believe that the future is malleable. Anything that isn’t impossible according to the laws of physics is possible with sufficient knowledge.

  • Rigor: Work done by llamas is of the highest quality.