Jigstack DAO
Jigstack DAO

Jigstack DAO

DAO of DeFi


Our Mission

Jigstack offers a suite of valuable flagship DeFi products governed as a single Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), positioning the platform to be the DAO of DeFi.

With Jigstack, we're offering an -all-in-one platform that covers the whole range of services that DeFi has to offer.

The overarching goal of Jigstack is to provide a simplified and comprehensive platform for users of all experience levels. Security and UX/UI as the main focus- Our main focus rests on delivering a combination of optimal user experience and top-notch security.

The Jigstack products and services are built for mass adoption. Connecting both UI/UX side and security aspects transparently and efficiently is what puts the Jigstack brand at the top of the mountain from day one.

What makes the Jigstack DAO different from other projects in DeFi is how it is a conglomerate structure spanning multiple commercial tools.

The DAO and its users govern every individual protocol launched under this umbrella, each of which can generate revenue.

All of the protocols under the Jigstack DAO follow this simple mantra: It needs to be easier It needs to be faster It needs to be secure it needs to be trusted it needs to be cheaper







Our Values

  • Quality Standardisation- Any dApp deployed under the Jigstack DAO umbrella will adhere to a high and uniform quality standard.

  • Brand Confidence- All network dApps and products built under the Jigstack brand will benefit from market-wide trust and confidence.

  • Reduced Risk- Diversification reduces investment risk for token holders. In this format, any single subsidiary product performing below expectations can be counterbalanced by other platforms under the Jigstack DAO.

  • Collective Power- The $STAK token governs the distribution of revenue from all dApps developed under the Jigstack DAO umbrella

  • Multiple Revenue Streams- All network products can feed off each other’s capital and userbase to create an interwoven and robust mutually-dependable sub-economy.