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Idle DAO

Yield aggregator and rebalancing protocol with products aimed at portfolio risk diversification and yield enhancement




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Our Mission

Money should never sit still.

We believe that everyone deserves the best for their idle funds, both in terms of returns and risks. Since 2019, Idle has rolled out the features and services that now define a new category that we call 'automated yield services.'

We want to democratize the access to DeFi instruments through institutional-grade experiences and developer-friendly infrastructure, providing investors and builders with the tools they need to create easy and accessible yield-generating experiences for their funds and users.

DeFi yields aren’t easy to manage. But Idle makes you feel like they are.

Our Values

  • More for your money- Market-leading APYs by automatically allocating assets across multiple battle-tested lending protocols (e.g., Aave, Compound). Top performance without costly manual switching between protocols!

  • Future-proof Resilience- Versatile "yield adapter" to flexibly plug in and change between new and upcoming yield sources. Eliminate single point of failures while leaving the maintenance (codebase updates) to us!

  • Institutional-grade- Tested and audited by leading security houses such as Quantstamp & Consensys Diligence. $500k Bug Bounty Program to prevent even the smallest issues. No such thing as being over-prepared!

  • Tailor-made Services- Unique 2-tranche model (high risk with higher gains & low risk with built-in protection) enables wide-ranging application scenarios. Experienced risk-lover or pension fund builder, we’ve got it covered!

Latest Tweets

"... and with Idle's PYTs they all lived happily ever after" 🏰🧙🏻‍♂️ #ChatGPT #OpenAI
"... and with Idle's PYTs they all lived happily ever after" 🏰🧙🏻‍♂️

#ChatGPT #OpenAI
News From The Factory - Nov 2022 🏭 With 2nd DAOniversary, a new dashboard coming, new integration partners, and more, it’s been a great month. Don't miss the latest issue, out now! 📰 Subscribe to receive the next ones directly in your inbox 📩…
🏭 News From The Factory - November 2022

🏭 News From The Factory - November 2022

🏛️ IIP-27 for adding Folkvang PYTs as a new yield source for Best Yield idleDAI has been executed on-chain. Stay tuned for further updates on BY deployment.🏛️ Best Yield wrapper contracts have been successfully updated following IIP-28👀 A brand new dashboard is on the way!