Womxn led developer DAO championing innovation & diversity- new launchpad for womxn led ventures

Our Mission

H.E.R DAO is a women-centered developer DAO that includes self-identifying women, trans women and non-binary audiences. To reflect inclusiveness, H.E.R. shall use the term “womxn” to represent the collective audience.

Our goal is to sustainably diversify the blockchain ecosystem, leading to more versatile, holistic innovations and increased revenue potential.

Long term, H.E.R. aims to become the leading launchpad for women-led blockchain ventures.

In other words: we want to build great products that generate revenue and increase equity for everyone!

We are building innovative projects that will make a difference to the blockchain ecosystem and beyond!

To implement these goals, H.E.R is planning hands-on activities concerning onboarding and community building, as well as educational and development training for womxn.

Our Values

  • Inclusion- Expanding the inclusion of womxn.

  • Innovation- Increasing innovative developments by womxn.

  • Generating revenue- Improving the potential for economic success for womxn and increasing overall revenue in the blockchain ecosystem.