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Hair DAO

Hair DAO

We are advancing research & development for hair loss treatments in an open-source and democratic way

Our Mission

HairDAO is an open-source corporation. Our community consists of the world’s leading hair loss researchers, engineers, and content creators.

HairDAO's commitment is to be fully community owned, to have those in need of a cure for hair loss also own the cure for hair loss.

Our mission is to fund the assets that we believe will accelerate the cure for hair loss as soon as possible.

These assets will likely range from intellectual property, to novel therapies or drugs, to state-of-the-art treatment clinics.

The members of HairDAO will have first access to all treatments funded by HairDAO, as well as governance rights over the assets held by HairDAO.




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Our Values

  • We believe that increased investment, research, and development will yield optimal solutions to hair loss.

  • We're optimistic that the powerful tools blockchain enables us to leverage will drive the talent, funding, and vision needed to end hair loss once and for all.