Gravity DAO
Gravity DAO

Gravity DAO

Conflict management and trust creation in Web3

Our Mission

Gravity DAO is a conflict management commons that is emerging from the cultural build of the Token Engineering Commons, to offer Alternative Dispute Resolution services to web3 communities.

We provide a framework for communities, especially DAOs, to process conflict in an effective, compassionate, non-rivalrous way.

Our goal is to become a Schelling Point for the token engineering community.

Our economic layer will fund projects that discover, develop and proliferate the best practices for engineering safe tokenized economies, while aligning our collective success with the individual benefit of token holders.

Our social layer is even more important, as it will unite the token engineering field around the ethical principles, standards, tools and methodologies that emerge as this nascent field advances.

Vision- Enable the creation of ethical, safe, resilient and diverse economic systems to benefit societies around the world.







Our Values

  • Help projects and organizations save resources on coordination issues.

  • Allow effective management of conflicts.

  • Facilitate the individual well-being of community/organization members.

  • Care for the public image of an organization, providing discretion and confidentiality.

  • Train people in skills to manage communication and emotions mindfully.