Open-source protocol that leverages a two-way bridge for carbon credits


Our Mission

Flowcarbon is a pioneering climate tech company.

Recognizing the opportunity for an open, transparent, and liquid market, Flowcarbon was launched as an open-source protocol that leverages a two-way bridge for carbon credits, which allows credit owners to bring carbon credits on and off chain.

Our mission is to use blockchain to make carbon markets accessible to everyone, so that decarbonization activities and natural ecosystems become more highly valued, and new projects to protect and restore nature are unlocked worldwide.

We are founded by women, backed by some of the biggest investors in the world, and committed to driving real impact for people, biodiversity and the planet.

  • The voluntary carbon market is currently inefficient, opaque, and inaccessible.

  • A variety of brokers and consultants charge up to 20% fees, deals are done behind closed doors, and a single type of carbon credit can sell for different prices to different buyers.

  • Mainstream institutional and retail investors are shut out, with no products designed for their needs.

  • The market currently is expensive and slow through every step in a carbon credit transaction—issuance, clearing, settlement, and custody.

Flowcarbon aims to solve these problems. We are using blockchain to create an open, transparent, and liquid market for carbon - one in which verified carbon credits from projects that prevent deforestation and restore natural ecosystems are on-chain, and within reach of institutional and retail buyers.

Flowcarbon's goal is to directly facilitate as much avoided deforestation, conservation, and natural restoration work as possible. We are creating an end-to-end vertically integrated company to drive institutional capital into critically important climate change mitigation work.

We have additional goals we hope to achieve that focus on (1) creating a more transparent, accessible carbon market and (2) promoting sustainable practices and helping organizations become net zero or net negative.


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Our Values

  • Bring carbon assets on chain.

  • Develop deep liquidity aggregated bundles for carbon assets on chain..

  • Utilize protocol owned liquidity (POL) to ensure sustainable liquidity for for carbon assets

  • Leverage DeFi partnerships to help incentive additional on-chain liquidity for carbon assets.

  • Work to build borrowing and lending markets on chain for carbon markets.

  • Develop a long-term governance structure to help maintain the integrity of on-chain carbon markets.

  • Ensure and maintain decentralization of bridges bringing carbon assets on and off chain.

  • Incentivize DAOs and other organizations to use on-chain carbon assets to become net zero or net negative.

  • Lead by example, to show DAOs how to become net negative carbon contributors, by burning a portion of all fee revenue as carbon tokens.