Filmmaker DAO
Filmmaker DAO
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Filmmaker DAO

The DAO for filmmakers and film enthusiasts ✨


Our Mission

We are creating a community that stewards creative and technical growth for filmmakers working at the cross-section of film and web3 to impact culture with meaningful film projects and technology.

We believe filmmakers should have more ownership of their careers and more sovereignty over the IP they create.

We recognize that the current landscape of distribution options does not provide commensurate upside for the storytellers and artists whose work populates these platforms.

We seek to become a diverse and open community from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and specialties unified and aligned in the vision to build more equitable distribution strategies for the filmmaking industry.

Our Values

  • 🎬 Transparency
  • 🎬 Diversity and Inclusion
  • 🎬 Kindness, empathy, and respect
  • 🎬 Creative freedom and artist autonomy