Let's buy a Formula 1 team 🏁


Our Mission

F1 DAO is launching a platform for super fans to rally around a singular mission: LET’S BUY A TEAM!

Our objective is to find a path forward that meets two objectives:

  • Allow as many people to invest in an F1 team as possible
  • Create a fund structure that F1 management will approve

2023 and Beyond - we’ll own a stake in an F1 team! Whether we make a minority or majority investment, we intend to keep the management team and key personnel in place while recruiting great talent from other teams.

Our goal is to have the DAO advise on as many key decisions for a team as possible while getting exclusive social perks.

It isn’t going to be easy, and we still have a lot to figure out, but together, we can achieve something great.

Our Values

We are




individuals who want to own a stake in F1 team.