EnterDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization on the Ethereum blockchain founded with the mission to build product

Our Mission

EnterDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization founded with the mission to build the rails of the Web3 metaverse and the decentralized digital economy that encompasses it.

The DAO is building a set of DeFi and Gaming products (LandWorks and MetaPortal ) in a community-first way.

The EnterDAO Shared Minds collection, alongside LandWorks and MetaPortal, is a fundamental piece in the growth of the DAO, its community, governance, products and upcoming metaverse events.

(LandWorks is a metaverse land renting marketplace based on Ethereum. The protocol enables period-based renting of land in Web3 metaverse games. LandWorks will start off with Decentraland as a primer and then gradually expand to support other prominent games. It will enable landowners to earn passive income on their assets, while renters looking to leverage metaverse games will be able to easily rent instead of buying virtual land properties.

MetaPortal is a cross-platform Web3-enabled desktop app serving as a single point of entry/access to different Web3 metaverse games. Essentially serving as a portal to Web3 Metaverse games.





Sharded Minds


Our Values

  • Capital efficiency for metaverse land — Depositing land in LandWorks enables land lenders to earn passive income from its usage.

  • Accessibility — Rent land that will otherwise be unavailable for usage.

  • Affordability — Rent land that will otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

  • Shared economy for land — Renters can safely pool together and rent land running co-events.

  • Scene as a service — business model for metaverse service providers/events organizers. E.g. this opens up a market for agencies organizing metaverse events for different brands.