Every non-profit now accepts any crypto

Our Mission

We manage and encourage the charitable giving of digital assets.

Endaoment is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity providing a wide range of philanthropic financial services.

Our Donor-Advised-Funds and Community Field-of-Interest Funds are powered entirely by smart contracts, a new kind of digital agreement facilitated on the Ethereum blockchain.

Together with our easy-to-use donation and grantmaking application, we’re building a new kind of community foundation, with values and functionality aligned for crypto.

Our Values

  • Inclusion- We seek to include people from varied backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives.

  • Engagement- We create systems that encourage philanthropy as well as heightened involvement between grant recipients and donors.

  • Respect- We ask for and seek to understand the ideas of those both within and outside of our community.

  • Throughput- We focus on moving donated dollars from donors to nonprofit organizations with minimal fees and overhead.

  • Collaboration- We learn from and with our partners to achieve meaningful impact.

  • Participation- We leverage crypto-native ways to collaborate and enhance our collective ability to do good in the world.