EarthFund DAO
EarthFund DAO

EarthFund DAO

Be a part of a new giving economy that gives the power back to the people

Our Mission

A new giving economy that gives the power back to the people. Together, we can build a better tomorrow.

  • DAO-in-a-box- Build and launch your own no-code DAO dedicated to changing the world.

  • Communities for good- Find and join communities that reward you for making the world a better place.

  • On-chain donations- Donate crypto and fiat to causes you care about with complete transparency.

Join communities dedicated to causes you’re passionate about, crowdfund your world-changing treasury and vote for which projects get the money they need to make an impact.



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Our Values

  • People-powered- This isn’t centralized crowdfunding. This is crowdfunding controlled by you. You raise the money and you decide how it’s used to make the world a better place.

  • Democratic- This is democracy at its purest. Everything, from adding projects to starting new communities to funding new projects, is put to a community vote and only goes ahead if there is a consensus.

  • Transparent- Built on the blockchain for maximum transparency, you’ll have complete oversight of everything that happens on the platform.