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Our Mission

Decentralization first- DXdao is an on-chain organization that builds and governs DeFi products. DXdao is a collective that transcends borders as does its products, which are globally accessible and permissionless. DXdao strives to build an inclusive global community.

Distributed Genesis- DXdao (or dxDAO) started as a radical experiment in decentralization. Two leading Ethereum projects, Gnosis and DAOstack, conceived of the idea of a DAO that aimed to be decentralized from inception. This idea, which eventually became DXdao, hinged on distributing voting power (Reputation or REP in DXdao) to as wide a distribution of participatory Ethereum addresses across the globe. These addresses, and not Gnosis or DAOstack, would govern DXdao and decide its future. In total, 399 addresses received REP during the initial launch in the spring of 2019.

DAO Sovereignty- DXdao is a 100% on-chain organization, so governance and development hingest on building capabilities for the DAO itself to intereact with the rest of the world. All DXdao products and the DXdao website are owned and governed by the DAO itself through the ENS name system. Taking down or changing this website requrires a passed proposal from DXdao. DXdao currently operates three bases, one on Ethereum mainnet, xDai and Arbitrum One, and always interested in expanding to new chains that match its decentralization ethos.

DXD and The Treasury- DXD represents the liquid financial value of DXdao. It was launched through a bonding curve contract in May 2020, with a portion of the ETH proceeds deposited in the DXdao treasury. DXdao’s treasury is over $50m, spread across ETH, stablecoins and other assets. It’s meant to fund product development and is also deposited into DXdao products themselves.

Our Values

  • Decentralization at the core- DXdao’s guiding philosophy is decentralization. Eliminating reliance on central operators ensures fair access to public infrastructure for all. DXdao’s products and governance are permissionless and decentralized, because they attract an organic community that builds resilience.

  • On-chain, transparent governance- DXdao builds and governs out in the open. Its treasury is on-chain and all contributors are paid through on-chain proposals. DXdao governance also manages product updates, treasury movements as well as signal proposals that guide the direction of DXdao. Calls are recorded and most discourse takes place in the public forum.

  • A home for builders- DXdao is an internet-native organization building the future of work. Contributors come from five continents and are building new processes and products for coordinating work across the globe. For entrepreneurs, DXdao offers access to decentralized tools and funding without the overhead of a traditional organization.