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Dream Dao

Dream Dao

We empower Gen Z


Our Mission

The mission of the Dream DAO is to invest in the future of the web3 x social impact ecosystem, by providing Gen Zers with the training, funding, and community they need to leverage the power of web3 to secure a brighter future for humanity.

Our Values

Empower Gen Z civic superheroes —who have demonstrated an interest in web3 and a capacity and willingness to address impediments to human flourishing—by...

  • Providing them funding that removes financial barriers to pursuing their dreams
  • Providing them training in web3 fundamentals and how to leverage the power of web3 to make change
  • Embedding them in a community of peers and Champions who can help supercharge their leadership journeys in many ways

Cultivate the nascent ecosystem that sits at the intersection of web3 and social impact, by...

  • Hosting public and community-only events that bring together an unlikely cast of social entrepreneurs, DAO experts, philanthropists, web3 pioneers, and young people who can greatly inform and support each other's ability to use web3 for good
  • Publishing thought leadership (e.g. blog posts, YouTube videos) that details the model for a philanthropic DAO that can be utilized by other movements, and discusses other topics relevant to growing the web3 x social impact ecosystem