We are a full-stack Web3 development collective


Our Mission

dOrg is an autonomous collective of engineers, designers, and other web3 specialists. We build tools that empower people to self-organize.

We envision a future where power is radically decentralized people can easily coordinate and transact without intermediaries; institutions are transparent and responsive to their constituents; self-governing collectives outcompete coercive monopolies; ownership is widely distributed; and machines handle the boring work while humans focus on meaningful pursuits.

What’s it like to work with dOrg ?

  • Swarm Methodology- Work with the right builders at the right time based on your project’s week-to-week needs.

  • Continuous Coordination- Interface through a dedicated PM to ensure we continuously satisfy your requirements.

  • Bleeding Edge - Leverage our experience building with the latest web3 tech and best practices.

  • Long-term Alignment- Utilize your project’s tokens to align incentives with our builders.

We believe that web3 will be a key part of this future and we’re here to build it.

Our Values

  • Autonomous Action - We encourage each other to pursue initiatives in good faith rather than waiting for others to act or seeking approval.

  • Transparency - We guarantee all members equal access to organizational information, including financial data, legal documents, and internal processes.

  • Participatory Meritocracy - We distribute governance rights and rewards based on value contributed, not titles or hierarchy.

  • Inclusion & Respect - We foster a diverse membership and support one another in maintaining a healthy digital workplace.