The .dao will replace, and supersede .com


Our Mission

We are building DomainDAO as a Registry Operator, which will run the Domain Name System (DNS) service for the .dao top-level domain (TLD).

As soon as ICANN opens a new application round, we will apply for the .dao TLD.

Upon success, we will open the .dao domain registration to the public.




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Our Values

  • .dao domain for DAO, by DAO, of DAO- Popular TLDs such as .io (owned by Ethos Capital) and meaningful domain names such as .channel (owned by Google) or .book (owned by Amazon) have already been taken by private equities or tech giants. We are moving forward to secure .dao TLD from the monopolized domain industry and govern it as a DAO so that future DAOs are able to register their websites under .dao domain. The .dao domain should be in hands of DAOers.

  • Domain matters/ Being governed by the community, DAOs are inherently different from corporations and should celebrate their identities at first sight with .dao domains. We have seen a strong demand for .dao TLD from DAOs wanting to shift away from .com and .io.

  • Beyond .com- We believe that DAOs will replace, and supersede .com. More DAOs are being created every day than ever before and the scope is beyond imagination. Eventually, we shall see DAOs taking over the common corporation structure in the foreseeable future.