Cultural criticism for the metaverse

Our Mission

We envision a media company that draws more on the streetwear playbook, an ecosystem in which you can be a supercollector of a newsletter or magazine. Web3 creates additional pathways to fandom beyond just purchasing a subscription or a tote bag — it also turns media into a two-way street, where subscribers can make appropriate decisions about the direction of the publication. Dirt’s immediate future includes building the rails to bring more people into DirtDAO and Dirt’s readership, creating a system for DAO-generated content. We aim to significantly expand the community powered by NFTs and tokens later in 2022. Meanwhile, readers can expect an even better Dirt newsletter, with our authoritative daily summary of streaming, digital culture, entertainment and the next phase of the internet.

Our Values

  • We are determined to build the media company that we want to see in the world, empowering artists, writers, and curators through the growing number of web3 tools. Dirt’s digital assets will fund a range of productions, but will also establish a consumer brand of their own.

  • Dirt uses its exceptional edge in creating and sourcing content to bring new Dirt lovers into the mix — ones hungry for Dirt swag and digitized products. These unique digital products provide holders the ability to curate and govern future content, and over time, become user-owners of the publication and community.