Dequency DAO
Dequency DAO
| the soundtrack to the metaverse

Dequency DAO

The marketplace for music & visual creators to connect and collaborate in web3 (sync licenses)

Our Mission

Dequency is the world’s first web3 synchronization licensing marketplace.

We’re building a platform for music and visual creators to connect and collaborate on NFT art and metaverse content.

For visual artists & content producers - Our marketplace is home to ready-to-sync music for your visual project. Your sync will be legally licensed directly from the music rights owner, and it will be recorded on-chain.

For music creators & rights owners- By hosting your catalog on Dequency, you’ll put your work in front of visual creators looking to purchase the rights to use your music in their projects. When they mint the license, you’ll be paid immediately, for the lowest possible fees.



Upload your music for sync





Media- Decrypt

Decipher- New pathways to economic opportunities for creators

Our Values

  • Recorded on-chain

  • Music rights holders will be paid instantly

  • Lowest possible fees

  • Provide a platform to make it easier for collaboration