Data Union DAO
Data Union DAO

Data Union DAO

Decentralized open source tech to enable people to earn revenues from their data


Our Mission

The mission of the Data Union DAO is to disrupt existing data business models by enabling people to sell their data with full transparency, control, and fair revenue sharing.

This can only be achieved by applying decentralized technologies, which allow self-sovereign control over digital assets such as money and data.






Our Values

The DAO is an open community of builders.

  • For builders- Leverage the Data Union Framework to deploy smart contracts with one-to-many payments on Ethereum compatible chains that can provide a back end to your real-time data dApps.

  • For users- Give your users a stake in the data economy. When combined in a Data Union, crowd-sourced user data aggregates into an attractive product for buyers to gain insights.

  • For buyers- Offer competitive data sets that are ethically sourced, like browsing, banking or health data. Receive instantaneous payments from data subscribers.