A collaborative framework for the precision health of the future

Our Mission

CureDAO is creating an open-source platform to discover how millions of factors like foods, drugs, and supplements affect human health.

We’re on a mission to democratize clinical research.

There are thousands of unpatentable treatments and dietary factors that would never have sufficient profit incentive to cover the $1 billion cost of research.

Through our data aggregation and analysis platform, we've driven down the cost to make it possible to quantify the effects of countless factors on symptom severity.


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Legal Framework

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Our Values

  • Diagnostics - Data mining and analysis to identify causes of illness.

  • Preventative medicine - Predictive analytics and data analysis of genetic, lifestyle, and social circumstances to prevent disease.

  • Precision medicine - Leveraging aggregate data to drive hyper-personalized care.

  • Medical research - Data-driven medical and pharmacological research to cure disease and discover new treatments and medicines.

  • Reduction of adverse medication events - Harnessing of big data to spot medication errors and flag potential adverse reactions.

  • Cost reduction - Identification of value that drives better patient outcomes for long-term savings.

  • Population health - Monitor big data to identify disease trends and health strategies based on demographics, geography, and socioeconomic.