Crowd Funded Cures
Crowd Funded Cures

Crowd Funded Cures

Curing patients without patents

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Our Mission

Crowd Funded Cures’ mission is to incentivize clinical trials for off-patent therapies that are otherwise ignored because a monopoly price cannot be enforced with patents.

Help us establish a Social Impact Bond for off-patent medicine. Because the best medical science that can help the most patients should get the funding it needs, irrespective of patents.

Our goal is to build a platform that can leverage pay for success (PFS ) smart contracts and IP-NFTs to repurpose generic drugs and nutraceuticals to improve longevity and create a scalable financial model to develop low cost open source medicines.







Our Values

  • Financial Innovation- Social Impact Bonds designed to incentivise new uses for off-patent drugs and therapies.

  • Open source therapies- Incentivising clinical trials for off-patent drugs allows everyone to benefit from affordable medicine.

  • No risk for backers- Pay for success contracts mean that backers are guaranteed to only fund a medical breakthrough.