Live Freely


Our Mission

We are a collective community of individuals who believe in a brighter tomorrow. We believe in a world where web3 enables the creation of thriving and open-source public goods. We are artists, engineers, technologists, ecologists, and rebels who are coming together to build the future.

Our Vision:

Building a Better Tomorrow, Together- As Earth events intensify and systems continue to erode, our communities of values-aligned members — supported by resilient buildings, abundant water and integrated food production — create the conditions for the mutual thriving of people and planet. These communities will continue to expand over time — both in scope and scale — creating a global network of villages dedicated to intentional living.

Opportunity-Generating DAO- Through the CohereDAO, we will be bringing opportunities to our membership base by providing them with access to exclusive community partnerships with mission-aligned projects. These partnerships will create mutually-reinforcing initiatives that will give the CohereDAO community members a chance to engage with cutting-edge web3 initiatives.

Transparent and Equitable Voting- The future of Cohere will be directed by the CohereDAO community, giving the members a direct say in guiding Cohere along its journey. CohereDAO will rely on cryptographic token-gated voting processes to ensure fair, effective, and transparent voting across our community.

Social Impact Meets Web3- There is an ever-burgeoning emergence of crypto-first projects integrating social impact throughout their protocols. CohereDAO will champion the social and environmental impact and web3 intersection by enabling our members to support, foster, and scale initiatives addressing some of the world’s most challenging problems — backed by a truly powerful technological revolution. Through decentralized, permissionless networks, CohereDAO will fund and support public goods throughout the world, ranging from affordable housing accessibility to regulatory enforcement of environmental protection.

Supporting a Thriving Creator Economy- The Creator Economy revolution is here. As a community that is centered around enabling our members to thrive, CohereDAO will provide avenues for each of our community members to maximize their economic potential — supporting their flourishing and potential as creatives.

Materializing Web3- From buying constitutions, original copies of ‘Dune’ , building golf clubs and even entire cities — bringing real assets to the web3 ecosystem has been on everyone’s mind. With our novel regulatory approach, we’re ready to take things to the next level. Through CohereDAO, our members will be able to connect with world-leading infrastructure to engage directly with blockchain-backed and -managed assets around the world.

Develop a World-Leading Educational Platform- Cohere will develop a comprehensive educational platform that combines the best of higher training, DIY educational tools, apprenticeship model (onsite training) and indigenous wisdom. Through the platform, members will be able to choose from a suite of educational opportunities to enhance their community-building and environmental regeneration capabilities. The platform would combine metaverse integration, coupled with real world experiential engagements. The software would be in iterative development, and would be informed by the DAO’s input throughout its evolution.






Our Values

  • Diversity- We celebrate and elevate our members’ diverse backgrounds and seek to understand and value each of our unique perspectives in our interactions with our fellow members.

  • Creativity- We are building a more joyful, prosperous, and beautiful world by leveraging the creative genius of our community, through art, technology and storytelling.

  • Curiosity- While exploring these new and uncharted territories, we aim to create a culture that encourages an open-curious mindset and an aptitude to learn from one another.

  • Responsibility- The work we’re doing is deeply rooted in enabling new regenerative systems that promote wellbeing for all on earth. We show up with integrity, honesty, and dedication to our service.

  • Actualization- We have discovered the joy of taking the grandiose visions that have been held for generations and grounding them into material form; we love to play with visioning, but we thrive from making that vision tangible.

  • Coherence- We value the inner-world as much as the outer, and know that what we hold inside ourselves will be manifest in our external reality. Our eternal journey is to seek coherence within ourselves to realize the beauty of creation.