We are building a DAO to build a best-in-class DeFilm streaming platform 💙✨

Our Mission

BlockbusterDAO is a decentralized streaming ecosystem that enables an unprecedented, direct relationship between creators, curators, and consumers.

We give creators the freedom to distribute and monetize their content, and fans the ability to curate content and earn as a result, all on a community-owned and governed platform.


The Rewind

Our Values

  • The SuperDistributors (Store Owners)- Give creators the power of distribution and curation

  • Content- The power of decentralized content syndication

  • Platform- End-to-End distribution and community engagement

  • Monetization- Grant full control of revenue

  • Film Collectible Retailer- Become the home for content collectibles

  • Multi-chain and protocols- Be inclusive, neutral, and open

  • DAO- Scale the DAO organically in podsblockbusterdao twitter