Accelerating the next generation of science to build the biotech DAOs and DeSci projects


Our Mission

A biotech DAO accelerator and DeSci meta-governance layer, funds and supports future builders in decentralized science through DAOs working on a range of therapeutic areas and infrastructure projects. provides a **launchpad, resources, mentorship, a shared network, and a suite of legal and smart contracts for DeSci DAOs.

Our goal is to enable DeSci DAOs to utilize IP-NFTs to fund, govern, and develop intellectual property from universities, companies, and researchers worldwide, catalyzing a Cambrian explosion of digital IP assets. provides biotech and DeSci DAOs with a $100,000 USDC on-chain convertible grant into a multi-signature wallet on Ethereum.The multisig Gnosis Safe is controlled by members of your founding team and members of Every 45 days, 1/3 of the grant is automatically released provided your DAO meets specific measurable milestones set upon grant issuance.

A portion of your grant converts into a token warrant issuing a portion of your DAO’s governance tokens for, itself a DAO. Members of vote in your DAOs and help to ensure your DAO’s ownership is decentralized from day zero.

Our community will provide you funding, regulatory support, technical support, etc. but more importantly: commitment to build. We will strive to funnel the brightest and most committed builders your way without asking for returns or direct rewards because we know that together we are going to make it.

  • A grant of USDC $100000 into your DAO’s multi-signature wallet.

  • 18 weeks of dedicated support from our team with consulting and strategic advisory services: Tokenomics, Tech, Regulatory, R\&D, Community, Operations.


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Our Values

  • Ambitious builders, founders, and researchers.

  • Interested in integrating the IP-NFT framework into their biotech DAO.